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Xiom Canada Coating Portable Coating System

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User: mikecleary
Location: 1565 river road, braeside [map]
Phone: 1.877.391.9466
Website: http://www.xiomcanadacoating.com

New Xiom Distributor in Canada seeks enterprising individuals who wish to own their own
Portable Polymer Spray Businesses.

Xiom Canada Coating
provides Functional Industrial Coatings: thermal plastic coatings for boats, metal, pipelines, automotive, concrete liners and tanks etc...the uses are limitless.

The Xiom® Polymer Spray System has revolutionized the traditional powder coating industry with our patented mobile spray system that allows users to apply powder coating materials on-site and without hours of cure time.

• coatings cure without the use of a baking oven/kiln.

•coatings in our product line include those with: properties of long term wear protection, industrial quality appearance, anti-corrosion, chemical and UV resistance.

•we have specialized coatings such as anti-slip, retro-reflective, glow-in-the-dark, pipeline and marine vessel protective coatings.

•special additives or other materials can be incorporated into the powder coating materials to create customized performance properties.

•epoxy and zinc rich bond coats providing greater adhesion and corrosion protection are also available.

•these coatings can be applied to many substrates including but not limited to steel, aluminium, fibreglass, concrete, and cardboard.

For more info contact:
Mike Cleary
[email protected] 1.877.391.XIOM (9466) EST

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